“After 3 concussions within 2 months, my high school daughter was having side effects from the prescription drugs and her symptoms were getting worse. She was flunking out of school. We didn’t know what to do and we were getting scared. A friend recommended the Mladenoff Clinic and insisted that we would get help. The doctors created a specific treatment protocol that had dramatic results. She finished high school successfully, has been on The Dean’s Honor Roll every semester in college and is now playing the lead role in Cinderella.

I highly recommended the doctors at the Mladenoff Clinic. They are my concussion healers!”
Pamela W.

       I fell off of a step ladder, hit my head and was unconscious. I missed 2 ½ months of work. Two years later I continued to have memory and balance problems, headaches, trouble sleeping and concentrating. A neurologist said I had MS. I had a concussion and nobody was helping me.
       I was referred to the Mladenoff Clinic by a friend of mine. I was skeptical about how much the doctors could help. They did examinations that I had never done before.
       After my 1st week of treatment I could not believe the changes I started to experience. As a result of the treatment strategies at the Mladenoff Clinic a follow-up MRI revealed decreased number of lesions and MS was not present. Everything is better.
       I strongly recommend if you have had a concussion that you should go to the Mladenoff Clinic to get help.”

Linda C. TX